About This Author

I was born and raised in the ghetto of West Philadelphia, I have no illusions. As a child I was once chased by an enormous flying cockroach, so there you have it.

The sins of the fathers really and most definitely are visited on their children and their children's children - unfortunately this is something we must all come to terms with no matter which side of the fence we are on; paying for debts we did not create, suffering for mistakes we did not make, learning to live in a world that was broken long before we entered into it, my god, my god. Until balance is achieved, until justice (yes it does exist) reigns, don't expect to be happy. Occasional moments of joy mingled with the continual dull ache of melancholy and shame is the best anyone can hope for these days.

For more clarity, read Tolkiens' 'The AkallabĂȘth'. It's a short story that usually comes at the end of 'The Silmarillion'.

Things are getting worse not better but still we must press on spite order to...? Your guess is as good as mine, in the puzzle. Chemical signals urging actions, fitting into preordained patterns, thinking our will is free, following a prescribed destiny, that white picket fence, a driving license...hmmm...just when I think it's beginning to make sense, the future quietly morphs into the present tense and then I see the lies so clearly until once again I cannot. What a joke.

Sadly, in this world it's becoming increasing ly clear that The Lox had it completely right with these lyrics:

"It's the key to life.
Money, power, and respect.
Whatchu' need in life.
Money, power, and respect.
When you eatin' right.
Money, power, and respect.
Help you sleep at night.
You'll see the light.
It's the key to life.

(Why they always talkin' 'bout money)"

lol, priceless.